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Hi 🙂 I’m Michelle (Smith) – AKA MamaSuds® and creator of Your EcoFriendly Guide. I’m a Michigan girl, born and raised, and raising my family in the town just north of where I grew up.

I’m also a wife (to my high school sweetheart) and mom to three girls with a special knack for (and a couple of degrees in) education.

I spent 10 years as a middle school math and English teacher before leaving to focus on my own business full time (techinically it was launched in late 2011 but it was more of a hobby) and be at home with my girls.

Four years later, that hobby has turned into more than 40 handcrafted products, lots of (lovely) email subscribers, and more valuable lessons about safe ingredients and products than I have time to share in my (most) weekly blog posts.

I was always seeking for an affordable yet safe way to clean my home and family. I wanted to find an affordable cloth diaper detergent that rinsed, cleaned, and actually got the soil and stink out of the diapers! When I started researching detergents I wondered, why is everything that is natural, safe, and chemical-free come with a hefty price tag? After several recipes, I started giving it to friends and family to try. Shortly after I started making all the soap in the house, and my husband Jim thought if our family benefited from the soap, other families would too. MamaSuds was born!

That’s the quick and dirty version. The real story is pretty long, but you can start at the beginning here: How Did I Get Here? (Part 1)

BabySuds helps bottle Laundry Soap.

BabySuds helps bottle Laundry Soap.

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