Eucalyptus on your Feet

Reflexology chart- botoom of the foot

Reflexology chart- bottom of the foot

Eucalyptus is a GO TO oil

Using essential oils is often intimidating. Most people just don’t know what to do with them. One of my go to oils that I ALWAYS have is Eucalyptus. When my family or I has a cold, the first thing I like to do is rub Eucalyptus, MamaSuds Vapor Rub or Breathe EZ on their feet. Why? Well, according to reflexology your feet are a microcosm of our body and there is a part of each foot that represents an organ. Our sinus cavities are represented on the ends of our toes and our nose is represented on the tops of our big toes.

Reflexology chart- top of the feet

Reflexology chart- top of the feet

This is especially helpful at night when post nasal drip seems to really be a bother. Because you will be in bed, you can really slather the oil on slap on socks and not worry about getting oily carpet. 

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