Foaming Hand Soap

I am a germ-a-phobe. Long before I became MamaSuds and this “Hippie” as my brother proclaims me to be, I was the Queen of Bleach. I fear germs. Actually I am a self-diagnosed Emetophobiac….. I have a fear of vomit. I know what you’re thinking- nobody likes vomit. Yeah, but do you think about it everyday? Does the sound of a children at night send you into a panic, every night? Yeah, that’s me. Anyway- I fear vomit germs and I used to bleach everything. But through my crunchy granola education and research steer clear of all things “anti-bacterial”.

A little chemistry lesson…

Before I started making my own soap I used to buy anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer. But when I started making MamaSuds Castile Soap I was researching how I could make it antibacterial and found that it was totally unnecessary. Here is a little chemistry lesson:
Soap is “soap” when the pH level is 8.0, it is not considered soap at 7.9. When the pH hits the magic number of 8 it cleans very well all on it’s own. Using the warmest water you can tolerate and scrubbing them cleans them even better. That is all that you need.

The Environmental Working Group has an excellent article about the ingredient companies use to make products anti-bacterial: TRICLOSAN, a hormone disrupting pesticide. Yes, a pesticide!

MamaSuds offers an 8 ounce Foaming Hand Soap that is unscented, cinnamon, and lemon which have a wonderful smell and anti-bacterial properties. You can also purchase refills which contain 2 refills in the bottle! Buy it HERE.



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