How to Get Rid of Hard Water Stains

Hard water Stains

Hard Water Stains make things look dirty, are hard to get off and make us crunchy/green/eco-friendly/hippie people grab for chemicals when no one is looking. I have a solution to the hard water stains. It’s not a miracle recipe, but it’s super simple and requires just an ounce of elbow grease.

hard water stains

Hard Water Stains on a bathroom faucet

I have water softener but I am not the best at remembering to check to see if the softener salt has to be refilled. Reality check- I am not the best at reminding my husband to check to see if the softener salt has to be refilled. I usually remember when I run a bath for my daughters and it’s a lovely shade of orange. My point is, I don’t have much of an issue in the hard water stains. But, our “up north” place does not have a water softener and we definitely have issues with hard water stains. As we closed the house for the winter I decided to get rid of the spots that built up over the summer.

1. The first step is to grab a bowl and fill it with white vinegar. You can also just fill the sink with a cup or two of vinegar but the bowl is easier if you plan on using your sink for the next hour or so.

hard water stains

White Distilled Vinegar

2. Next grab a washcloth or two. The thinner the rag/cloth the better (you’ll see why). Soak the cloths in the bowl and ring them just a little. hard water stains

Place them around the area that has hard water stains. In my example I am wrapping them around the bathroom sink. The hard water stains are heaviest behind the handles. Leave them for 30 minutes.

hard water stains 3. After 30 minutes unwrap your cloths and wipe the area aggressively. Most of the hard water stains should come off.
4. If you have some stubborn stains, re-soak and rewrap and repeat for 30 more minutes.
5. Unwrap and wipe again- if you have a scrubby sponge that will not scratch your surface use it.

hard water stains

Looks nice and shiny doesn’t it? It’s much cheaper than buying a new faucet and much healthier for you and the Earth!hard water stains