How Liquid Soap is Made

How I Make Liquid Castile Soap (from scratch)

Early this week I finally had enough money saved up to buy a MacBook Pro. Yeah, it’s super sweet. I’ve gotten 110% more done this week compared to last week because I wasn’t wasting time swearing at my computer. 

Anyways, what does this have to do with anything? Well, I was waiting to dive into the world of video until I could shoot the videos on my iPhone and then easily edit them on my new fancy schmancy Mac. I was told and I read (outdated) sources that iMovie was free with all Mac Computers. WRONG. It’s $14.99 now. But, whatever, I bought it and it was not hard to do at ALL. It was fun. 

Two things I learned while making this video.
1) My blender made a lot more noise on the video than it does in person. Sometimes the blender is heard over my voice, but I promise I don’t say anything life changing.
2) I say the word AND too much. Which is better than saying the word UM, but I am aware of it and I’ll try to practice. <—- I call myself out on this only because I KNOW someone will :). 

So if you are into soap making, want to see what goes into making MamaSuds Castile Soap- which is in the Body Wash, Hand Soap, Pet Shampoo, All Purpose Cleaner and Laundry Soap. It’s the very first MamaSuds product. 

Grab your popcorn and your Junior Mints, it’s a nail biter!
How to make liquid soap….