How to clean your washing machine

Have you looked at the upper rim of your washing machine drum? Mine was pretty gross. I don’t even know what prompted me to look there, but I caught a glimpse of it and immediately felt the need to clean it. How does all that gook get there? My washing machine is just over a year old and has never been clean. My previous washing machine was just over 7 years old and I never even thought to look at the drum to check for gunk. Yikes!IMG_1627.JPG

Isn’t that gross?
First I took a wet wash cloth and put a squirt of laundry soap on it and scrubbed it. Then I thought I was going to have break out an old toothbrush or the cotton swabs. I really didn’t want to get that crazy with it so I grabbed some scissors to jam my wash cloth into the knocks, crannies and ridges. It did the trick!

IMG_1628.JPGI then took a dry wash cloth and poured some vinegar on it and wiped it all down until it was all sparkly.


Now my washing machine drum is nice a clean minus the thin veil of rust that shades the inside of the drum. I have been looking for years for an all natural solution to rust removal.