I Made it!

Guess what today is? It’s day number 30 in my Indie Business Network’s Blog your Brand 30 Day Challenge. It was hard. It was like exercise: it really sucked in the beginning and I didn’t see the benefits right away, but I really wanted to complete the challenge so I stuck through it. I blogged a few days ahead during the fourth of July holiday and even had a little back-up helper in case the back woods proved to have no internet (it had a little). I only “almost forgot” once, but I said daily reminders and wrote during odd times and in weird places. I wrote while at the softball fields, in line at check-outs, in the bathroom (you can get a lot done when the kids can’t find you) and sitting with a glass of wine in my driveway. I wrote a ton in the car while my husband drove us around on vacation (thanks!).

It wasn’t easy, that’s why it’s called a challenge right? But I am at the end and I see the benefit. It gave me a lot more confidence, much more traffic to this blog and to my website, but most of all I enjoyed the engagement with the readers (you!).

So thank you to my fellow Indies for the inspiration and the encouragement. Thank you to my readers for caring enough to read, like and share my posts!