MamaSuds is in the Skin Deep Database

MamaSuds made it in the Skin Deep Database!

MamaSuds made it in the Skin Deep Database!

Back in March I sent out an email to EWG’s Skin Deep┬áCosmetic Database asking them how I could have MamaSuds products entered into their database. They sent us a spreadsheet to fill out. Between all the other items on my to-do list, it took me almost 2 months to complete it. I finally completed it when I went to Arizona with my husband on a business trip. I had to no interruptions ALL day and got a LOT done. So when I sent off the completed spreadsheet to them in the beginning of May I thought I would have gotten an email of some sort in a few months to let me know they were approved or entered.

Friday night I was doing some research and saw a website that had the EWG’s logo on it, I was compelled to just check to see if MamaSuds was in there or not. I typed in MamaSuds in the search bar and….. THERE IT WAS! It was so exciting! Products that I made with my own hands are there! I can only equate my feelings to the pride I have looking at my own children. I am anxiously anticipating more of our products to make the database (especially our Laundry Soap and Bug Spray!)

Check it out!
MamaSuds on EWG’s Skin Deep Database