Mourning Vacation

There is a point in the days of vacation where you start mourning the end of it. Depending on how long your vacation is, for me it is about 2/3 of when the vacation is over that I start mourning. It’s like vacation purgatory.

The last day is the worst. Today is that day. I am anxious to get home and start making products and filling all the orders. It’s been a nice break- it’s been hard because I feel like I have a list of things to do all the time. I had to do a blog everyday and I answered emails and texts while we were traveling from one point to imageanother. But I haven’t made anything in 10 days. My hands are rested and ready!

I have a lot on my plate the next week or two between MamaSuds and the girls softball games and gymnastics…. My deck needs to be restained (ugh) and the garage needs to be gutted.

So on this last day of a great vacation with my family we are headed out to the go-carts and then to the beach to squeeze out the last few hours of what we have left. If you are on your last day of your vacation, enjoy your last few hours!