My 30 Day Blog Your Brand Challenge

Whew! I am half way through a blogging marathon. Well, for most “real” bloggers it might look like a small sprint but this blogging thing is HARD. I was trying to the reflect on why this is so hard for me…. I am a former language arts teacher and I LOVED teaching writing. My classes had writing notebooks with covers that each kids could personalize, a whole section with pages and pages of fun brainstorming sessions…. And I loved sharing with my students. So how is this so different? 

I (think) the problem is that I have a hard time promoting myself. It’s hard to take off my “Michelle” hat and put on my “businesswoman” hat. I am getting better, but it’s definitely a hill I am climbing. Maybe I should buy alter ego eye frames like a pseudo mask 👀. 

So I am halfway through my challenge and I have few more ideas brainstormed, but too many days that have nothing planned. Any ideas for me? Questions about ingredients or cleaning or products I could answer?