Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

MamaSuds is committed to becoming a waste-free company. What does that mean? That means we try very hard to throw nothing away. Nothing. We reuse a lot of material here. If you are MamaSuds Customer then you know I do not use any new shipping material in your box. I reuse plastic grocery bags that I collect from friends, neighbors and family. I also reuse any packaging material that I may get from suppliers. So if you open your MamaSuds order you can be sure the only “new” material is the tape on your box- even USPS and UPS use recycled material for their boxes.

Most of MamaSuds’ local customers bring back their MamaSuds Laundry Soap bottles and Castile Soap bottles to reuse. I even have a few that bring back their essential oil bottles to refill. And I hardly throw anything out- almost everything can be reused, repurposed or recycled. Over the summer our garbage facility gave us recycle bins that are the same size as our garbage bins. I was ecstatic! Finally my recycle bin would hold everything! I now only put our garbage bin every other week and my recycling is usually overflowing. I wish they’d pick that up once a week.



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