Soap Dispenser Pump

Wondering whether or not the Soap Dispenser Pump is worth the extra purchase?

I got the idea from my aunt (one of my first customers). I always told her that she used way too much of the soap and shouldn’t be buying so much (as much as I appreciated it) for just her and her daughter. Between the two of them a gallon of MamaSuds Laundry Soap should last MONTHS. Well sometime before Christmas I was at her house and was walking through her laundry room to leave when I noticed she was using a different brand of laundry soap (GASP!). I razzed her about it but I was really curious about the pump on the soap. She told me she ran out of MamaSuds and had this in her closet way in the back from before I started making MamaSuds, but that she was thinking of using the the pump on my gallon jugs.

So- long story short, I bought a few different kinds and found one that I really liked to sell. I sold quite a few right away before I started getting feedback that it was awesome and that it was helping the soap last so much longer.

I did two tests that started February 14. The first gallon lasted until March 17. Pretty good! This span of time consisted of a family of 5 that has one in cloth diapers. The very last week of the test, two of my girls got the stomach flu. ‘Nuff said.

The second test was from March 19 to May 3. This was without the stomach flu. 45 days!

Why is the Soap Dispenser Pump so great? Each pump is 1 ounce of soap- so it is much easier to measure according to each load AND it’s reusable! It fits on both the Laundry Soap and the Castile Soap gallon jugs.


Buy it here: MamaSuds Store- Dispensing Pump.



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