The life of a DIYer: Removing Adhesive

Earlier this week I took an evening to replace the logo on the back window of my van. Exciting stuff. I have had the MamaSuds logo and information on the back window for almost a year now and it took me months to get into the habit of not turning my windshield wiper on when it was raining…. whoops! The edges of the logo lifted a bit but it wasn’t too bad, then we had a typical Michigan winter and came spring it looked a bit worn.

So I when I had to put in an order into Paramount Sign + Graphix in Ortonville (my hometown) I asked for just a reprint of the logo. I had a heck of a time get the logo off! While I was ripping it off with both hands and one foot bracing myself on my back bumper, one of my daughters came running over yelling “what are you doing!!!??!!”. Guess you had to be there, but it was pretty dramatic. When the sucker finally came off there was a layer of the adhesive that I needed to remove. I tried scraping it off with a credit card but that stuff was not coming off without a fight.

I went back into the house and got a clean towel and some eucalyptus oil, poured a few drops onto the rag and head back outside. The eucalyptus helped lift and remove the adhesive without much of a sweat. It was awesome and it helped clear my stuffy nose! The garage smelled lovely and my window was ready for a good wipe down and a new logo. I think it looks pretty fantastic! 🙂