The Struggles of the Green and Eco-Friendly

Over the weekend I asked you on various social media posts:

We want to make better choices, but some products are hard to give up.

We want to make better choices, but some products are hard to give up.

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What’s the one area/product of #livinggreen you struggle with?

Posted by MamaSuds on Saturday, June 13, 2015

As your responses came in I thought about the one product hiding in the cupboard under the sink. I really am proud of our green living turnaround since we had our first child. It wasn’t quick. It wasn’t easy. But after 8 years, there is still one product I can’t live without.

Rust Remover.

I tried baking soda and good old fashioned elbow grease. I tried vinegar. I tried lemon juice. Nothing gets the rust “veil” off our tub. If we forget to buy softener salt we can tell the very first day when you fill the bath tub and it looks like your taking a bath in orange water.

I know we should be better about filling it. I know I should set a reminder on our phones to pick up salt. But I don’t. And the water softener is in the utility room behind the basement stairs. (<——lame excuses)

So hiding shamefully in the back cupboard of my sink is a bottle of It Works. Because, well, like the bottle says…. It works. I have NO idea what awful ingredients are in it. I refuse to look. I just know I have to make sure the kids are not around, the window is open, I have gloves on and I hold my breath.

So if you have stumbled upon this blog post and you happen to know a magic way to naturally get rid of rust stains. I NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Soon. Like yesterday.