Zagorska Shaving Soap

About two years ago my husband switched to the double edge safety razor (affiliate link). It is so much cheaper and a much closer shave. Since then I have switched too. Have you ever tallied how much you spend on razors. It’s astronomical. Anyways, my liquid castile soap always did a great job shaving but when my husband switched razor he felt like he needed something that really had a solid lather, which pure olive oil soap does not.

I make a lot of products, but when my husband asked me if I could make him a soap to shave with, I said no. He looked at me a little incredulously. No? No. I am not making a different liquid soap. What about a bar soap. Definitely no. There are heaps of artisan bar hard soap makers and I am not one of them. I tried my hand at bar soap one time (it was an epic failure) and I don’t have plans to try again anytime soon.

So I searched for a fellow Indie maker in my business network (IBN) and found Michele Zagorski and her wonderful line of products Zagorska Bodycare Oasis. Michele offers a wide range of products safe from harmful chemicals, pure, effective ingredients, abounding in natural beauty and joy. Michele has an online store and a little boutique in Ashland, Oregon.

She had exactly what I was looking for: a natural boar hair shaving brush and shaving soap. I bought the Guinness Organic Shaving Soap, because… well, it’s made with beer. How cool is that?

Guinness Organic Shaving Soap ~ 4 ounces

Guinness Organic Shaving Soap ~ 4 ounces

Michele’s description is “Made with 100% organic oils and butters to pamper your man’s skin…and Guinness beer. Lathers beautifully with a nice slip.” It’s handcrafted with Guinness Beer, Saponified Oils of Coconut Oil*, Palm Oil*, Castor Oil*, Hemp Oil*, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Butter*, Bentonite Clay*, essential oil blend, aloe vera extract*, cucumber extract. (*organic/wildcrafted) There is a great video on the shaving soap’s page that shows you exactly how to get a great lather with shaving.

After a few shaves I asked him how he liked it. His words I believe were “This stuff is awesome, you should try and make it.” Which, in my opinion is a pretty high compliment. I told him, no thanks I’ll pass. It’s been over six months since we bought that shaving soap. And you won’t believe this, he is STILL USING IT. It’s not even half gone. Yeah, well worth the money.

If you’re interested in great handmade products you should check out fellow indie maker Michele Zagorski’s website or if you’re in or around Ashland, Oregon pop in and see her at 33 N. 3rd Street.
You can also find Zagorska Body Oasis on Facebook and Twitter (@zagorskaorganic) and Instagram (@zagorska_bodycare_oasis).